About me

About me

The study of Polarity entered my life in 2009 and since then I have been credited from the American Polarity Therapy Association as an Associate Polarity Practitioner and am a member. In March 2013 I completed my Registered Polarity Practitioner Training at Yoga and Polarity Center.

As a practitioner I offer bodywork that is gentle, potent, and listens to your needs.

Also, I have a fine art studio practice and have received Bachelors of Fine Art from The Maryland Institute, College of Art, 2000 and a Masters of Fine Art from Pratt Institute, 2003. I am continuously learning about art, yoga, meditation and vegetarian cooking.

Master Teachers that I studied with:

Wendy Kaufman Harper is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Polarity Practitioner and Educator, hypnotherapist, Somatic Experiencing and EMDR practitioner currently in private practice in New York City. Wendy’s interest in studies that embrace mind, body, and spirit have lead her to work with teachers of both North and South American medicine wheel traditions as well as the Kabbalah of Light in the western esoteric tradition over the past 20 years.

Heather Principe, Program Director and owner of The Yoga and Polarity Center in Malverne, Long Island, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Polarity Registered Polarity Practitioner and Educator, Bachelor of Science in Education. Heather works with the North American medicine wheel and spiritual practices for over 20 years.

Testimonials from Clients:

“I began polarity therapy a year and a half ago. At first my sessions were monthly and later I began seeing Melissa weekly. I immediately felt relaxed during the first session and in the following week I began to feel more spiritually connected. Now I no longer describe myself as suffering from social anxiety. I am more outgoing and have begun to come out of my shell. I am able to be sober when I used to smoke marijuana or drink every day. I ended a dead relationship that I did not know how to let go of and moved out of an unhealthy living situation. My career has been progressing as well. The more sessions I have, the more rapidly energy moves through my life. I feel a lot less anxious and more emotionally stable.”

“I’ve had three polarity treatments with Melissa so far and I am a believer. Melissa is an intuitive healer and real world visionary. Her comments are helpful and insightful. Her energy is positive and earnest. I’ve had polarity treatments with others but polarity with Melissa is an altogether different experience. During my sessions I’ve taken distinct notice of how my body feels and how energy is flowing. I’ve actually been able to see colors at certain points in the session! I always leave feeling relaxed and renewed.”